Hi! On this website you can familiarize yourself with samples of my work. Art & Design section are being updated more frequently than other sections. Constant work is also being done developing Corporate Identity for different Companies.

Art & Design

The whole design is here. Illustrations, drawings, websites and advertising prints. All here!


Portraits, landscapes,
stories, etc. Only photos, digital photography.

Flash & VideoFX

Everything that moves is here. And no matter in what program it was created, Flash or After Effects.

Corporate ID

Logos, logos, and nothing but logos. Without the logo you are cheap NoName.


Since childhood I have been drawing on the floor and walls, then on the desks at school and university. Then I drew a site to share my drawings. Then I drew a site to my friends, who had a rock band and needed a website. The truth is that we spent most of our time partying and hanging out together than playing the music but it was fun! This went on for a while… and then I got married… since then, my hobby has became a profession.

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  • Дмитрий, пожалуй единственный из знакомых мне дизайнеров, которого я могу назвать творцом. Он – не ремесленник, он именно творец. Совершенно не умеет комбинировать чужие мысли, а каждое задание преломляет через одну ему известную призму. А самое удивительное, что на выходе этой призмы получается – шедевр. Но только в том случае, если проект ему интересен самому.
    Если то, что лежит у него в портфолио вызывает восхищение или просто нравиться, то это тот человек, который вам нужен. Если нет, то лучше поискать ремесленника.

    Алексей Белов,
    ВДком (Россия)

  • I have known Dmitry for a long time. And I personally know his works. And those that I’ve seen stand out for their reasoning, style, creative and at times not standard approach to the aims set. Dmitry is an extremely pleasant and obliging man, whom you can 100% trust and rely on!

    Victor Dinor,
    Designer (Israel)

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